Dr. John Butler am Morgen seines letzten Tages in Köln

John Butler steht vor dem Maternushaus, letzter Tag in Köln und noch einiges an Arbeit


Hello, I’m John Butler, Director of Hypnotherapy Training International.

I’ve just completed a course here in Transforing Quit, which was a smoking cessation programme, and a course in Transforming Weight Control, and this was teaching therapists how to use the advanced tools of Transforming Therapy™ in those applications.

Those courses were extremely well received, we’re getting great feedback and people are telling me how they incorporate it into the knowledge and skills into the work they are doing and changing the way they are running programmes to improve them for their public, for the clients that they see, and they also they make things more efficient and worthwhile for themselves on many levels.

So that’s a very exciting and wonderful thing to be doing here during the last week that I’ve been here and I’m looking forward to be in Cologne again and be running some more programmes here with Axel Hombach.

And so, thank you very much for listening and speak to you again.

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