Dr. John Butler ist an seinem Hotel angekommen

Dr. John Butler vor dem Maternushaus, wo er die Workshops hält und übernachtet


Hello, I’m John Butler.

I’m here in, Cologne. The sun has just come out from her what was a gloomy morning, and I’m here in front of the Maternushaus, where we usually hold our courses.

And, this coming weekend we have two very important courses: one on how to stop smoking and that’s teaching therapists how to help people stop smoking. And the other is on how to tell people control their weight.

For therapists again and these programs are very important, because they’re taking your training skills to a very high level in dealing with these very important topics, which are very important for building your practice, for your financial well-being is a therapist and to develop your skills in dealing with addiction and motivation and many many aspects of therapy.

So I’m really looking forward to meeting the students and sharing my experience of working with these conditions for nearly 40 years.

I hope to see you there!

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