Dr. John Butler kommt im August 2018 wieder

für alle, die ihn verpasst haben, und alle, die wieder mit ihm lernen wollen

Transforming Quit und Transforming Weight mit Dr. John Butler im am 18./19. August 2018


Hello, I’m John Butler. I’m here in Cologne. I’m about to leave but I’m going with a lot of positive feelings from so many people about Transforming Therapy™ and we’re planning to do more of these courses, going into more depth into this approach the therapy.

We’re also holding classes in August 2018. These are on aspects of the use of Transforming Therapy™ in various common issues one is called Transform Quit which is about smoking cessation, the other is Transform Weight management about controlling weight managing weight.

And these classes are quite an in-depth look at the motivations of addiction, dependency and how to demotivate and motivate yourself in a different direction. They’re about the neurology and above all the emotional reprogramming sort of people can become free of self-destructive behaviours so this is all right coming up now and a few and a few months and also we’re planning the next series of classes for 2019 very much looking forward to being here and delivering those classes.

Thank you very much!

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