Dr. John Butler besucht Bonn, wo Beethoven geboren wurde

Bei seinem 3. Besuch in Köln macht John Butler einen Abstecher nach Bonn, um den Ort zu besuchen, wo Ludwig van Beethoven geboren wurde


Hello, I’m John Butler, director on the Hypnotherapy Training International (HTI).

I’m here visiting Bonn today, former capital of Germany and I’m here visiting Beethoven’s hometown where he was born and looking forward to seeing that.

I’m also here to be at the weekend teaching in Cologne, teaching our advanced training courses in smoking cessation and weight management.

And here now with a hero of mine, a great musical hero, Beethoven, a man who certainly knew how to use the creative power of the subconscious mind. And his case for music.

And that’s the power of the mind that we were learning to use as hypnotherapist and hopefully teach the people to use for their benefits as well.

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